In the Ultimate Conversion Rate Optimization Toolkit you will find three actionable guidebooks that contain techniques and methods that we have leveraged in conversion rate optimization projects that made our clients skyrocket their revenue:


24 Secrets of Insanely Effective Landing Pages

Do you need more leads and revenue? Yes, you do. With this guide you will make your landing page visitors convert like crazy. This 12-pages free guide will show you how to:
 get more visitors to perform desired action
 use proper techniques so visitor convert right now instead of never
 get the highest possible conversion rate with a top-class A/B testing approach


5 Powerful Qualitative Methods That Generated Milions For Our Clients

Quantitative data is not enough to rock your CRO process. Use these proven techniques, that helped our clients achive outstanding results. This 10-pages free guide will show you how to:
 get insanely effective hypothesis using qualitative data and increase revenue
 peek into your users minds and get more conversions
 use the best tools & methods of collecting and analyzing qualitative data step by step


10 Google Analytics Hidden Gems That Will Double Your Profit

With this guidebook you will discover hidden gems of Google Analytics and learn how to use them to double your profits. In this 16-pages free guide we will show you how to:
 leverage Google Analytics in a way that you’ve never imagined
 eliminate technical obstacles that are keeping users from your site
 make your forms super effective and get higher conversion rate

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“Our cooperation with Mavenec resulted in an increase in the conversion rate, which was confirmed by A/B testing. The results are proof of the full effectiveness of their team.” Jakub Milewski, E-commerce Coordinator, Frisco


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Meet the authors:



Damian Rams Conversion Rate Optimizer

I apply conversion rate optimization techniques to make sure that our clients get more sales and leads without spending an additional dime on traffic acquisition. I combine analytical and UX skills with experience in psychology to substantially grow digital businesses. I am a lecturer at Warsaw School of Economics. Follow me on Twitter @damianrams



Paweł Ogonowski Managing Partner

I have been transforming our clients companies into data-driven organizations for over 5 years. I strongly believe that the key to success is a structured process to analytics and conversion rate optimization. I am a frequent speaker at industry conferences and an author of 80+ articles on CRO and DA. Follow me on Twitter @Pajex



Mariusz Michalczuk Digital Analytics Expert

I am a co-founder of Mavenec. For over 5 years I have been focused on creating business value by leveraging data from digital channels. With strong statistical background and certifications from top analytics vendors I change business leaders’ approach to digital marketing from gut- to data-driven. Follow me on Twitter @mariuszmich