Find out how we created, tested and implemented minor changes, which boosted conversion rate by 36% on Credit Agricole landing pages.

From the case study you will learn:

 How the hypotheses have been generated

 What changes resulted in a 36% up-lift

 Why single-step forms are not always better than a multi-step ones

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Meet the authors:



Paweł Ogonowski
Managing Partner

I have been transforming our clients companies into data-driven organizations for over 5 years. I strongly believe that the key to success is a structured process to analytics and conversion rate optimization. I am a frequent speaker at industry conferences and an author of 80+ articles on CRO and DA.

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Mateusz Dałek
Head of PM Department

As the Head of Project Management Dept. I am here to guarantee the highest quality of our projects. I make sure that we constantly focus on delivering highest ROI from data-related solutions that we implement. I have assisted over 40 companies in efforts to sharpen their competitive edge through digital analytics

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Elżbieta Brzóz
PR & Marketing Specialist

At Mavenec I am responsible for PR and Marketing. I am in charge of our content strategy, blog, social media channels, external partnerships and events. Being so close to digital analytics and conversion rate optimization enables me to make data-driven decisions and single out the most effective marketing efforts.

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