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Unleash the power of data
with Google Analytics Premium

Understand the customer journey. Gain valuable insights. Drive action.

With its robust data-processing capabilities, powerful integrations and ability to merge online with offline data, Google Analytics Premium will help your organization take data-driven decisions to increase your business performance.

Mavenec is a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller located in Warsaw, Poland. Smart companies take advantage of our location to get more work done and achieve higher quality.

We provide companies with Google Analytics Premium licenses and our highly sophisticated team of engineers, data analysts and project managers who will help you to maximize ROI on your digital analytics efforts.

Learn why Google Analytics Premium is the right solution for your business and why teaming up with Mavenec is the best way to go Premium.

Enterprise solutions to take your
digital analytics efforts to the next level


Powerful integrations

Google Analytics Premium is fully integrated with a wide set of Google tools from AdWords and AdSense to DoubleClick. Its ability to add offline and online data from any given source means you will have unified data in one place to help you fully understand the customer journey.


Actionable insights

Google Analytics Premium means your team will have easy and instant access to unified metrics in one place. This will empower them to make data-driven decisions to maximize your marketing budget across both digital and non-digital marketing channels.

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Enterprise level reliability

Google Analytics Premium’s data collection, freshness and reporting are guaranteed by service agreements. This means a secure, reliable and trustworthy solution, which includes:

  • Data you own and fully control
  • Maximum safety and security for your data
  • Plans that start at 1 billion hits per month
  • 4-hour fresh data

Robust data-processing capabilities

Google Analytics Premium’s friendly and easy-to-learn user interface is designed to handle large, unsampled data sets that can be processed and analyzed blazingly quickly. Its built-in integration with Google BigQuery allows big data capabilities such as predictive analytics to push your team to new levels of insights.

Learn more about core Google Analytics Premium features

Google Analytics and Google BigQuery integration

Google BigQuery enables super-fast analysis of granular, user-level data using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure.

Learn more

Using DoubleClick with Google Analytics Premium

Enjoy more robust remarketing capabilities, measure results and optimize creatives with site engagement metrics.

Learn more

Google Analytics Premium security and privacy

Data has always been sensitive. Google Analytics Premium meets highest standards in terms of security and privacy.

Learn more

World Class Support

When you decide on Google Analytics Premium, it is not only the tool itself you get. Within the license you will also get all the support your team needs to deploy and manage the solution.

Implementation guidelines

Guidelines to kick-start data collection that will match your business needs.

Dedicated account manager

A dedicated person available to answer any questions about the service.

24/7 live technical support

24/7 support in the event of any technical problems with the tool (guaranteed by a service agreement).

Training and exclusive access

2-day Google Analytics training plus exclusive access to features not available in standard service.

Google Analytics Premium success stories


AccuWeather unlocks cross-channel impact using the Measurement Protocol in Google Analytics Premium.

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Avvo.com uncovers consumer demand using the data import feature in Google Analytics Premium.

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“GA Premium increased the speed and accuracy of actionable data that drives our business”

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Going Premium with Mavenec

Smart companies team up with Mavenec to get more work done
and attain even higher quality.

More work done

When you work with us you can get more work done within the same budget constraints.

Higher quality

We cooperate with foreign clients and thus we can afford salaries that attract top talents in the Polish digital analytics market.

Bullet-proof guarantees

Working with us is safe — if we do not meet your needs, you can claim back up to 15.000 EUR / 20.000 USD / 10.000 GBP (depending on the currency of the contract).

Our team consists of highly sophisticated engineers, digital analysts and project managers with fluent English. Throughout all of our dealings with clients in foreign countries, we have mastered our online communication skills. During our collaboration, you won’t even notice that we are in a totally different country and time zone.

Get Google Analytics Premium
in one of the three packages

We understand that different businesses will have different needs. Some have strong analytics teams and simply want to get their hands on Google Analytics Premium for a minimal investment. Others are looking for a sophisticated business partner with scalable capabilities which will back them up in their digital analytics efforts.

No matter which group you fall into, we have you covered with one of our Google Analytics Premium packages. Learn what our bronze, silver and gold packages can offer together with their bullet-proof guarantees.



Get the most out of Google Analytics Premium

What you get: Google Analytics Premium license + World Class Support + 630 consultation hours
Who is it for?

Our most robust package has been designed with the most demanding companies in mind. Along with the Google Analytics Premium license you will get an additional 630 consultation hours that you can allocate according to your needs.

World Class Support
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 live technical support
  • Training and exclusive access
Extended Support

630 consultation hours that you can allocate any way you want. Do you need robust Google Analytics Premium covering hundreds of websites? We will help. You want to outsource implementation through Google Tag Manager? Consider it done. You decide.

Price per annum: 105.000 EUR / 150.000 USD / 90.000 GBP


Best value for money

What you get: Google Analytics Premium license + World Class Support + 360 consultation hours
Who is it for?

This package is designed for companies with medium needs in terms of additional support and services. You will get the Google Analytics Premium license and 360 additional consultation hours that you can allocate according to your needs.

World Class Support
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 live technical support
  • Training and exclusive access
Extended Support

360 consultation hours which you can allocate according to your needs. You want additional training? Here it is. You want us to come up with a tailored Digital Analytics Strategy? No problem at all. You decide what can we help you with.



Best price for Google Analytics Premium

What you get: Google Analytics Premium license + World Class Support
Who is it for?

This solution is for companies with a team of highly sophisticated analysts who need no additional support and services. All you will need is Google Analytics Premium at the lowest cost possible.

World Class Support
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 live technical support
  • Training and exclusive access
Extended Support

Your company doesn’t need additional support and services. All you need is Google Analytics Premium at the lowest cost possible. Of course, should the need arise, we are always here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller?

A Google Analytics Premium Reseller is a company authorized by Google to offer Google Analytics Premium. To become an Authorized Reseller, the company is strictly vetted to make sure its Google Analytics expertise matches the highest criteria. A Premium Reseller like Mavenec offers not only tools, but also expert knowledge and additional consultations to help make the fullest use of data.

Google Analytics Premium Resellers are also given additional benefits to help them serve their clients better. Premium Resellers get direct access to Google analysts and engineers to solve higher-level issues. Furthermore, they get to take part in the development of Google Analytics and gain early access to beta features.

What is the difference between getting Premium from Google or from an Authorized Reseller?

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to go Premium with a Reseller rather than Google. The most important is that a company which decides on an Authorized Reseller can count on much more comprehensive cooperation.

Authorized Resellers like Mavenec are obliged by Google to offer minimum terms that match exactly what Google offers along with Premium: implementation guidelines, a dedicated account manager, 24/7 technical support and dedicated training (which is exactly what we offer in our bronze package). But Resellers, unlike Google, can support their clients with additional support and assistance in building and maintaining a data-driven culture (e.g. developing a digital analytics strategy, helping with integrations or running dedicated workshops).

Is it better to get Google Analytics Premium from a domestic partner or a partner from a foreign country?

When you team up with a foreign Google Analytics Premium Reseller like Mavenec, you not only have all the advantages of getting Google Analytics Premium license from an Authorized Reseller but you also get additional benefits.

Firstly, you can get more work done in the same budget constraints. Secondly, thanks to the fact that we work for foreign clients, we can afford salaries that attract top talents in our local digital analytics market. And these top talents are at your disposal.

Why do companies love working with us?

We are an experienced Google Analytics Premium Reseller. Companies love working with us, because we provide them with all the advantages of getting Google Analytics Premium license from an Authorized Reseller plus additional benefits of offshoring: getting more work done and achieving higher quality.


We deliver

When asked, our clients put it best about us: “You guys deliver!” And it’s true. We deliver. We build strong relationships with our clients, communicate quickly, set deadlines and milestones and rigorously keep to them. We get the job done. That is why over 60% of our projects are a continuation of cooperation with existing customers and our NPS ratio, which gauges our clients’ satisfaction, is at 9.2/10. We set our standards high and we do our best to keep to them.


6 years, over 120 implementations

We know Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and its integrations inside out. For over 6 years we have conducted more than 120 robust implementations for companies from different industries: from ecommerce through finance to publishing. Throughout this time we have managed to accumulate a profound and unique knowledge and establish unique data quality assurance processes. To put it simply: there’s nothing we haven’t seen!


Narrow focus

We are not an interactive agency nor do we acquire traffic. We are solely focused on helping companies leverage data from digital channels to help them make better business decisions. We won’t fight for your media budget or compete with your interactive agency. We will only help you with your digital analytics efforts so your team can make data-driven decisions. And our narrow focus means we do it better than anyone else.


Mavenec’s Excellence Academy

Expert knowledge is the key to winning in today’s fast-paced economy. We do our best to share what we have learned with our clients. That is why every quarter you and your team will be invited to a webinar on digital analytics held exclusively for our clients. There we share our latest discoveries, findings and unique knowledge so you can stay ahead of the game in digital analytics.

We have been trusted by more than 170 companies from around the globe

teva_logotyp_20150629 %281%29

After more than a year of hard work on digital analytics with Mavenec, we can strongly claim that today we’re a company where all decisions are data driven.

Mariusz Janiszewski – Chairman of the Management Board, Skapiec

Some of the effects of our collaboration with Mavenec include solid, relevant data from Google Analytics as well as savings generated thanks to Google Tag Manager (a tool which took the weight off our IT department). Therefore we strongly recommend Mavenec.

Michal Juda – Co-founder, Showroom

I had an indisputable pleasure to work with Mavenec team on digital paywall of Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper project. These guys are really smart in recognition of client needs and they deliver what’s promised. I highly value cooperation with Mavanec. It gave us not only tools, but also injected top-class know-how into our organization. I can definitely recommend these guys.

Michal Gwiazdowski – Gazeta Wyborcza, Agora SA

Meet our management



Mariusz Michalczuk

I am a co-founder of Mavenec. For over 8 years I have been focused on creating business value by leveraging data from digital channels. With a strong background in statistics and certifications from top analytics vendors, I aim to change business leaders’ approaches to digital marketing from gut-driven to data-driven. Follow me on Twitter @mariuszmich



Mateusz Ogonowski
Managing Partner

I am a co-founder of Mavenec. Digitalization has shifted most markets into extremely volatile environments, making leaders’ jobs even tougher than ever. I strongly believe that data is the solution. One that can empower confident decision-making in an on-line world. Together with our clients, I work out ways to tap into this potential. Follow me on Twitter @matogonowski



Paweł Ogonowski

I have been transforming our clients’ companies into data-driven organizations for over 6 years. I strongly believe that the key to success is a structured process to analytics and conversion rate optimization. I am a frequent speaker at industry conferences and an author of 80+ articles on digital analytics. I am a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics. Follow me on Twitter @pajex