From the case study you will learn how Limango & Mavenec:  provided high-quality, relevant and actionable data  developed a standalone Digital Analytics Department, highly independent from the IT Department  improved implementations through business processes systematization launched a continuous success measuring process, i.a. through the usage of management dashboards and data integration

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“The first step towards the realization of a long-term digital analytics strategy was to ask Mavenec for cooperation. We decided that we wanted to be able to say „we will have sold 200 pairs of kids’ shoes in Warsaw by the day after tomorrow at noon” instead of „we sold 200 pairs of kids’ shoes yesterday”.” Martin Solarski, CEO Limango Poland

Meet the authors:



Mariusz Michalczuk Digital Analytics Expert I am a co-founder of Mavenec. For over 5 years I have been focused on creating business value by leveraging data from digital channels. With strong statistical background and certifications from top analytics vendors I change business leaders’ approach to digital marketing from gut- to data-driven Follow me on Twitter @mariuszmich



Mateusz Dałek Head of PM Department

As the Head of Project Management Dept. I am here to guarantee the highest quality of our projects. I make sure that we constantly focus on delivering highest ROI from data-related solutions that we implement. I have assisted over 40 companies in efforts to sharpen their competitive edge through digital analytics

Follow me on Twitter @mateuszdalek



Elżbieta Brzóz PR & Marketing Specialist

At Mavenec I am responsible for PR and Marketing. I am in charge of our content strategy, blog, social media channels, external partnerships and events. Being so close to digital analytics and conversion rate optimization enables me to make data-driven decisions and single out the most effective marketing efforts.

Follow me on Twitter @elabrz