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Jun 2015

Why Google Analytics Implementation Should Not Be a One-time Project?

If you want to make good business decisions on the basis of Google Analytics data, you have to be 100% sure that the data you collect is reliable. At first glance, everything is running smoothly. 500,000 pageviews a month, an average session duration of 2.5 minutes, 3.5 pages per session and these indicators have been changing positively for some time. Moreover, six months ago you…

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May 2015

Case Study: 5 Digital Analytics Challenges

In this era of Big Data, you are able to track every step your users take, and you can report and measure every single thing they do on your website. You can track the buttons they click, the photos they see and the pages they read. You know how old they are, what they do in their spare time and even if they are pregnant…

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May 2015

Do You Still Live In The World of CTR?

If so, your world is long gone. Now think for a minute – would you pay for traffic acquisition if the people visiting your site want to find information about Loake shoes, whereas you are a huge household goods manufacturer? That is why paying for CTR is to simply throwing your money down the drain. Here’s another example – recently, I’ve read about some huge…

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Apr 2015

Case study: How to Act Faster with Google Tag Manager

Client overview Ską is one of the biggest price comparison engines in Poland. The site has been already on the Polish market for 11 years. Ską gives over 6 mln offers from majority of Polish e-commerce sites and it is viewed monthly by over 4 mln unique users. Challenges Since the deployment every line of code was implemented by IT Department, it took weeks…

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