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Aug 2015

Short vs Long Landing Page Copy – An Age-old Question Answered!

Today I’m stirring up a hornet’s nest and will try to answer a long standing marketer’s question: what length of a landing page works better? There are tons of articles on the Internet about it, and you might think there’s nothing more that can be said. But in fact, for many, the whole question is still as misty and woolly as ever. Now let me…

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Jun 2015

24 Powerful Techniques to Make Your Landing Page More Effective

Optimizing landing page where you send traffic is a crucial effort in order to increase ROI of you marketing campaigns. The better the landing page, the more leads (and revenue) will you make from the same amount of money spend on traffic acquisition. Check out those 24 powerful techniques that will make your visitors convert like crazy. 1. Break the form down into steps Visitors…

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May 2015

3 Reasons Why A/B Testing Case Studies You Read Suck Big Time

I hear it over and over again when speaking to our clients and prospects: “We did some A/B testing of the CTA color and the social sharing buttons, because we read about it in a case study and it gave great results”. Then I ask if it failed. Yes, it did. Not a surprise. If you let your company follow the “read a case study”…

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