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Dec 2015

Time On Page vs Session Duration: Tricky Metrics Demystified

Do you look at Average Time on Page and Average Session Duration while evaluating the performance of your site? Well, these might not be the best metrics to rely on (especially if you’re not aware of how Google Analytics, and Google Analytics Premium for that matter, calculate them). Let me help you be more aware of how Google Analytics calculates time and duration. Time on…

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Nov 2015

How Your Digital Marketing Department Can Become Independent of IT

Time is money. Especially in the case of online businesses where – when it comes to delivering the best results – every single day counts. You need to be up-to-date because things happen so quickly. And if you don’t keep up with the data-driven changes in the world of marketing, you’re out of the game. No mercy. Marketing technologies offer new capabilities, but at the…

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Oct 2015

10M Hits: What Happens When You Hit Google Analytics Limits (And What You Can Do About It)

When a business is relatively small you don’t need to take Google Analytics limits into consideration. It’s nice, it’s free and user-friendly. More than enough. But if your website becomes bigger and bigger you will start noticing some limitations. Sampling kicks in here and there. Reports take more time to load. No surprises: all software has its limits and so does Google Analytics. The plus…

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Aug 2015

How To Reduce Bounce Rate: 10 Proven Ways

Keeping an eye on your conversion rate is not the only way to bring about more bang for your buck. When optimizing, you should also focus on some other, just as important metrics. For example the bounce rate: one of the most crucial indicators of whether your website is performing well or it sucks – especially when it comes to the first impression it makes…

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Jul 2015

10 Google Analytics Hidden Gems That Will Double Your Profits

Are you still looking for the best practices to help you improve your website? Is your team still A/B testing button colours and headlines over and over again, based on clues they find on the Internet, only to find the changes deliver you nothing more than a few percentage points increase in your conversion rates? Are you sick and tired of getting just reports from…

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Jul 2015

Bounce Rate: Crucial Metric Demystified

There can be no doubt: bounce rates are one of the most important metrics when it comes to website optimization. Reducing bounce rates is a MUST for every analyst and marketer. So you need to keep analyzing your bounce rate like crazy. In this post I’ll help you fully understand how the bounce rate works in Google Analytics. I’ll show you how to measure your…

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Jun 2015

Why Visual Analytics Are a Must-Have in Modern Businesses

Relying only on numbers is a total shot in the dark. Not all of us are Steve Jobs, and we can’t make great decisions based only on our hunch. Traditional analytics are black magic for most of people. It is pointless to collect data about the number of visits, clicks or views when we do not know why should these numbers matter. Without that knowledge,…

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Jun 2015

5 Powerful Qualitative Methods That Have Generated Millions For Our Clients

Not everything that counts can be counted. You can track every user’s activity with multiple events, use custom dimensions and cohorts and implement the most advanced analytics solutions in the world. But quantitative data (such as the reports from your analytics tool) gives you only a partial picture of what is happening on your website. Qualitative methods – when you ask the user “why he…

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May 2015

Case Study: 5 Digital Analytics Challenges

In this era of Big Data, you are able to track every step your users take, and you can report and measure every single thing they do on your website. You can track the buttons they click, the photos they see and the pages they read. You know how old they are, what they do in their spare time and even if they are pregnant…

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May 2015

Do You Still Live In The World of CTR?

If so, your world is long gone. Now think for a minute – would you pay for traffic acquisition if the people visiting your site want to find information about Loake shoes, whereas you are a huge household goods manufacturer? That is why paying for CTR is to simply throwing your money down the drain. Here’s another example – recently, I’ve read about some huge…

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