Case Study: 5 Digital Analytics Challenges

In this era of Big Data, you are able to track every step your users take, and you can report and measure every single thing they do on your website. You can track the buttons they click, the photos they see and the pages they read. You know how old they are, what they do in their spare time and even if they are pregnant or not (true story).

But as long as your reports only monitor what is happening on your website, you can literally throw them away. There is nothing worse for your business than tons of non-actionable, useless data. In fact, you will be wasting your time and will achieve nothing apart from a false feeling that you are “keeping an eye on your online presence”.

You don’t need numbers and tables

What you need are insights, which will lead you to high-income business decisions. You need solutions, which will give your business the opportunity to grow at an above-market level. Finally, you need actions based on your data, which will make a real business impact. An impact you can measure in dollars in your account, not in unique user counts or pageviews.

Reports Big Data
There can be no doubt that raw data itself won’t move your business forward. So you need to stop focusing on reports from your analytics tools.

Focus on your business goals. And your primary goal is to make more money, not collect terabytes of data about your users. That will lead you nowhere.

Of course, in order to achieve that goal, you will need to do some operational tasks. Actually, you need to do a lot. You need to hire people who understand data and will provide you with recommendations. You need to implement the best tools, which will deliver proper and correct data. And finally, you need to develop effective processes inside your organization.

Actionable Data
That is what will guarantee you success in a data-driven world.

I know. Talk is cheap. Are you sick and tired of talking about great digital analytics potential with no real hints on how to apply it in real life? Would you like to see things beyond numbers and reports, showing you how to do it, step by step?

Let’s cut to the chase. Here we present a case study – Mavanec & Limango.

5 digital analytics challenges.

Limango is an international on-line shopping-club and retail outlet. Limango is not typical e-commerce: it offers brand products in short-term campaigns. To enter the club, users have to be registered, while the outlet is open for all users.

More than two years ago, the Limango management decided to focus on developing a digital analytics strategy. They asked themselves a question: „How can we make digital analytics profitable and be able to keep up with the rapidly growing, ever-changing e-commerce business?”

The answer was to implement processes and digital analytics tools, which could respond to their specific needs.

“The first step towards the realization of a long-term development strategy for business analytics competence was to ask Mavenec for cooperation. We decided that we wanted to be able to say „we will have sold 200 pairs of kids’ shoes in Warsaw by the day after tomorrow at noon” instead of „we sold 200 pairs of kids’ shoes yesterday”. For the last two years, we have made huge progress in terms of analytics, but we are alert to the substantial amount of work ahead of us.”– said Martin Solarski, CEO of Limango Poland.

In this case study, will share with you the knowledge they have acquired. You will learn how one of the biggest online shopping clubs has benefited from the huge potential of digital analytics:

  • How they provided high-quality, relevant and actionable data and minimized the risk of unprofitable business decisions based on wrong insights.
  • How they developed a standalone Digital Analytics Department within their organization and hired a savvy analyst, able to understand data and provide beneficial business recommendations.
  • How they improved implementations through business processes systematization, i.e. in terms of cooperation with the IT Department, and saved time and money, wasted on ineffective cooperation with the IT Department.
  • How they designed and launched an ongoing success measuring process and data quality assurance processes, i.e. through the usage of management dashboards and data integration.
  • How they learned to react quickly to business changes, i.e solving the problem of invalid tracking between and domains.

These days, collecting large amounts of data is no longer a big deal. The development of analytics and effective processes, however, is becoming a serious challenge. Analyses are the cornerstone of making relevant business decisions as well as taking effective actions based on data.

Limango Poland took up the challenge, they systematically developed digital analytics within the company and on the basis of the correct data, they created suitable competences and effective processes.

Are you ready to bring your company to the next analytics level?

Get free, 9-pages case study and find out we built high-income digital analytics strategy in Limango Polska through developing three strategic fields: tools implementation, process design and analytical competence development.

Actionable Data

If you need an audit of your current analytics tool (Google Analytics, AT Internet, Adobe Analytics or Webtrends) or you would like to set up a comprehensive data quality assurance process, contact Mavenec today to learn more about our approach to ensuring data quality. You can also learn more about digital analytics by downloading our Ultimate Conversion Rate Optimization Toolkit.

Author: Elżbieta Brzóz

At Mavenec I am responsible for PR and Marketing. I am in charge of our content strategy, blog, social media channels, external partnerships and events. Being so close to digital analytics and conversion rate optimization enables me to make data-driven decisions and single out the most effective marketing efforts.

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