5 Powerful Qualitative Methods That Have Generated Millions For Our Clients

Not everything that counts can be counted.

You can track every user’s activity with multiple events, use custom dimensions and cohorts and implement the most advanced analytics solutions in the world. But quantitative data (such as the reports from your analytics tool) gives you only a partial picture of what is happening on your website.

Qualitative methods – when you ask the user “why he is doing that” – can give you impressively effective hints on how to improve your website. You can get in touch with real people, ask them questions, and you will be able to answer their real needs.

Follow this action plan: firstly, identify the problems within the user segments using your analytics data. Then use the qualitative methods you find below to go deeper into the problem and generate effective solutions.

We have more than 5 years experience in digital analytics and conversion rate optimization. Trust us: these qualitative methods can bring you higher conversion rate, more revenue and profit.

Check those 5 reliable, proven techniques for conducting qualitative research:

1. Heuristic evaluation

Let me introduce you to the cheapest, and probably one of the most effective ways to generate actionable hypotheses to improve your website. Heuristic evaluation.

A short story first: when working with one of our clients in the travel industry, we decided to test small widgets appearing in the top right-hand corner of the website. We came up with this idea thanks to heuristic evaluation. Results: +15% conversion rate. You wouldn’t find this idea in quantitative data – which is why it’s a good idea to use this kind of analysis.

But what do you need to carry out this kind of research? A set of rules of thumb, a bit of experience, knowledge, common sense, a simple but powerful framework and savvy researchers.

The goal is: firstly to identify the flaws and the problems on your website and to bring forth ideas to fix them. Secondly, to spot any opportunities to improve your website and transform them into actionable A/B test hypotheses.

Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition is what makes your business stand out. It’s what makes you different and earns you a special place in the minds of your potential customers.

A Unique Selling Proposition could be free delivery, a 365-day return policy or the number of happy clients. There are some awesome USPs – such as the classic and one of the most recognizable – Domino’s Pizza USP: “Fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less… or it’s free.”

FUD: CRO_poradnik
TOMS shoes have one of the best killer USPs on the Web. The unique and compelling part of their story is that they give a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you purchase. And they communicate this fact almost everywhere on their website (also using big pop-ups and emotional copy). Well done!

Does your website communicate a USP at all? Do your users know why they should buy this thing from you, and not from your competitor? Have you made perfectly clear to your users, why your solution is the best on the market? Is your USP reliable and supported by numbers or testimonials?


FUD: poradnik_CRO_2

You could say: oldie, but goodie. A contrasting orange button and actionable copy – which is a perfect recipe for a good Call To Action button.

Is your message clear and consistent? Do your users know what to do step by step on your website? Is your Call to Action button visually striking with copy that compels them to click the offer? Is it action-oriented? Is your website easy to navigate or is it more like a challenge to your customers?


Consistent communication between ads and the landing page is the cornerstone
of reducing bounce rate (% of visitors who leave the site without any interaction).
The lower the bounce rate, the more visitors there are to convert.

Is your offer relevant to your ads? Does your message address your users’ needs? Does your communication not break between the ad and the landing page? Are your headlines, image and copywriting consistent with each other?


The fear of losing an opportunity is a strong emotion and when we feel it, we are more likely to convert. You should use psychological techniques to make your visitors decide faster.

FUD: poradnik_CRO_3Groupon does this perfectly: they communicate a limited offer using a countdown and the number of people who have already bought it

Does your website create a sense of urgency? Do you use psychological tricks to make people decide faster? Are there any incentives you could use, for example a limited offer?

This is just the first (not complete!) out of 5 powerful qualitative methods that have generate millions for our clients

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Author: Elżbieta Brzóz

At Mavenec I am responsible for PR and Marketing. I am in charge of our content strategy, blog, social media channels, external partnerships and events. Being so close to digital analytics and conversion rate optimization enables me to make data-driven decisions and single out the most effective marketing efforts.

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