24 Powerful Techniques to Make Your Landing Page More Effective

Optimizing landing page where you send traffic is a crucial effort in order to increase ROI of you marketing campaigns. The better the landing page, the more leads (and revenue) will you make from the same amount of money spend on traffic acquisition. Check out those 24 powerful techniques that will make your visitors convert like crazy.

1. Break the form down into steps

Visitors tend to follow a process more effectively if they make even a small commitment at the beginning. Almost every time we test the breaking down of a simple landing page form into two parts, the result is that more people decide to submit it.

So if your form consists of five fields, initially show the visitor only the first three. The rest should be waiting for him at the next step. A short explanation on why you need additional information will also help. Along with other projects, we used this technique when we were optimizing the lead generation landing page for Credit Agricole and we saw a massive 36% growth in the conversion rate.

Credit Agricole
Breaking down the form into two steps and adding a short explanation on why we need additional information resulted in a 36% conversion rate lift.

2. Make your landing page relevant to ads

Consistent communication between ads and the landing page the cornerstone of reducing bounce rate (% of visitors who leave the site without any interaction). The lower the bounce rate, the more visitors there are to convert. Simple, right? So make sure your communication doesn’t break down between an ad and the landing page. Keep the headlines, images and copywriting consistent. This simple strategy will not only result in higher conversion rates, but will also improve the ROI of your marketing efforts.

3. Beef up your USP with numbers

A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which contains numbers will always be more powerful than general statements. If you are able to quantify how the visitor will benefit by using your solution, then include it in your copy. This will make it easier for visitors to understand your product or service. A USP with numbers is more credible and helps to speed up your visitors‘ decision making process. “Get your paperwork done in 50% less time” is always better than “Get your paperwork done faster”. Remember this tip and use it well.

4. Make FUDs go away

Visitors constantly experience FUDs (fears, uncertainities and doubts) and your role is to dispel them. People may fear that their personal data will be sold to third-parties or that you will send them spam. Simple strategies on building trust include adding a padlock near the CTA and a statement that the data is safe. You should avoid guarantees saying “We will not SPAM you”, because of the negative wording. “We will only send you relevant information” is way better.

FUD: Optimization
Placing a link to Privacy Policy near the Call-To-Action button reduces fear and doubts the visitor may have about providing you personal data.

5. Engage visitors before asking to convert

Remember the rule about testing totally different landing page designs in order to find a global maximum? One of the ideas you could use is to make sure you engage visitors before you show them your offer and the form they have to fill out. We love using all kinds of polls or quizzes related to the landing page. These kinds of activities are great for building curiosity and interest. When visitors start engaging with the content, they will probably be more willing to fill out the form when they finally land on the actual landing page. In an A/B test we carried out recently, visitors who had taken part in a poll converted two times better than those seeing a control version.

The road doesn’t end here…

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Author: Damian Rams

I apply conversion rate optimization techniques to make sure that our clients get more sales and leads without spending an additional dime on traffic acquisition. I combine analytical and UX skills with experience in psychology to substantially grow digital businesses. I am a lecturer at Warsaw School of Economics.


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