Mavenec is a Google Analytics 360 Authorized Reseller located in Warsaw, Poland. Smart companies take advantage of our location to get more work done and achieve higher quality

We provide companies with a Google Analytics 360 licenses and our highly sophisticated team of engineers, data analysts and project managers who will help you to maximize ROI on your digital analytics efforts.

We’ve helped over 170 companies leverage data from digital channels to make great business decisions. We focus on Google Analytics 360.

Why do companies love us? When asked, our clients put it best about us: “You guys deliver!”. It’s true. With narrow focus, 6 years of experience and over 120 implementations we deliver.

Why do companies love working with us?


We deliver

When asked, our clients put it best about us: “You guys deliver!” And it’s true. We deliver. We build strong relationships with our clients, communicate quickly, set deadlines and milestones and rigorously keep to them. We get the job done. That is why over 60% of our projects are a continuation of cooperation with existing customers and our NPS ratio, which gauges our clients’ satisfaction, is at 9.2/10. We set our standards high and we do our best to keep to them.


6 years, over 120 implementations

We know Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and its integrations inside out. For over 5 years we have conducted more than 120 robust implementations for companies from different industries: from ecommerce through finance to publishing. Throughout this time we have managed to accumulate a profound and unique knowledge and establish unique data quality assurance processes. To put it simply: there’s nothing we haven’t seen!


Narrow focus

We are not an interactive agency nor do we acquire traffic. We are solely focused on helping companies leverage data from digital channels to help them make better business decisions. We won’t fight for your media budget or compete with your interactive agency. We will only help you with your digital analytics efforts so your team can make data-driven decisions. And our narrow focus means we do it better than anyone else.


Mavenec’s Excellence Academy

Expert knowledge is the key to winning in today’s fast-paced economy. We do our best to share what we have learned with our clients. That is why every quarter you and your team will be invited to a webinar on digital analytics held exclusively for our clients. There we share our latest discoveries, findings and unique knowledge so you can stay ahead of the game in digital analytics.

We have been trusted by more than 170 companies — here are some of them:


Meet our management


Pawel Ogonowski
Managing Partner

I have been transforming our clients’ companies into data-driven organizations for over 6 years. I strongly believe that the key to success is a structured process to analytics and conversion rate optimization. I am a frequent speaker at industry conferences and an author of 80+ articles on digital analytics. I am a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics.

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Mariusz Michalczuk
Digital Analytics Expert

I am a co-founder of Mavenec. For over 8 years I have been focused on creating business value by leveraging data from digital channels. With a strong background in statistics and certifications from top analytics vendors, I aim to change business leaders’ approaches to digital marketing from gut-driven to data-driven.

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Mateusz Ogonowski
Managing Partner

I am a co-founder of Mavenec. Digitalization has shifted most markets into extremely volatile environments, making leaders’ jobs even tougher than ever. I strongly believe that data is the solution. One that can empower confident decision-making in an on-line world. Together with our clients, I work out ways to tap into this potential.

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Mateusz Dalek
Head of PM Department

As the Head of Project Management Department I am here to guarantee the highest quality of our projects. I make sure that we constantly focus on delivering highest ROI from data-related solutions that we implement. I have assisted more than 40 companies in their efforts to sharpen their competitive edge through digital analytics.

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Mateusz Ogonowski
Managing Partner


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